Press Load Monitors

Load is a Key Process Indicator in forging. Consistent press load means consistent product quality.  By monitoring press load, variations in billet dimension, billet geometry, billet and die temperature, press speed, lubrication etc. may be detected.

Load monitoring offers many benefits, including,

  - improved product consistency
  - improved press and die life
  - better press utilisation
  - optimum die design

Press Load Monitors are easily retro-fitted to crank or screw presses. Our monitoring systems capture and display press load for each blow. In addition, other useful data may be collected.

  - for screw presses, the press speed at impact is captured.
  - for crank presses, the crank angle at impact is captured.

The new range of press monitor includes data logging, options for crank or screw presses and factory network connectivity.

Load Sensor


Press Monitor Card

PLM Card

Tonnage Display

Load Display

The press load monitor may be calibrated to read Tons, Tonne or % of press capacity. Our load cell has a capacity of 2500 Tonne and is trace-able to national standards.

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